Roof shingles are lightweight, cost-effective, easy to install, and durable with the ability to resist extreme temperatures such as ice, wind, fire, and rain. The upside to roofing shingles is that they come in a wide variety of colors that can fit a variety of tastes and match the varied architecture of homes.

So, how do we choose the right shingle color that will give your property that all-important curbside appeal? As a homeowner, you need not stick with the predictable or your contractor’s recommendation. Reroofing is a big investment so might as well choose the color that you prefer to complete the look of your house.

colored shingles

As you embark on that all-important journey for the perfect shingle color for your roof, ask yourself these vital questions:

Scenario 1: Loving Your Current Shingle Color?

If you are reroofing, are you satisfied with the current shade of your roof? A “yes” answer doesn’t mean that you sign up for the same color of shingle for your roof. You now need to ask your contractor for options:
• Available shingles of a similar shade or color to that of your existing roof
• Shingle types with performance features that have been improved to update not only the look of your roof but to increase durability and protection for the rest of your home.

Scenario 2: Narrowing Down the Palette

If you are building your dream home or reroofing, then how do you choose the right shingle color for your house?

Light Or Dark?

In the vast sea of shingle colors, let’s narrow down the choices by determining what best suits your home goals – do you want to make your house look larger or smaller? Do you want to showcase certain features of your home architecture? Lighter-colored shingles can make unique features of your structure stand out, while the darker-colored shingles can mask any imperfections or draw the focus onto parts of your house which you want to be highlighted.
While home insulation and ventilation are the main determinants of home energy efficiency, choice of roof shingle color can also help. Lighter colored-shingles contribute to home colling because of their ability to reflect the heat and sunlight. The darker-toned shingles will help make the home warmer because they tend to absorb and retain heat.

Community and Environment

When considering what color to choose for roof shingles, the landscape surrounding your home also has to be considered. Let’s tackle the various aspects of this matter and widen the perspective for the best choice in shingle color for your home.

Landscape and Natural Lighting Conditions in Your Area

Allowing your home to blend in beautifully with your surroundings is an important consideration when choosing roof color. Sunlight makes colored shingles cast a different hue, depending on your location. To give an example, if you put brick-colored or burnt orange shingles in a backdrop of an ever-sunny landscape, the result will be an oft washed-out look for your home.

The landscape and nature’s reaction to your shingle color is best tested by asking your contractor for actual samples of your preferences. Take them with you and view them at different times of the day to get a sense of how the color complements your home exterior and natural lighting. Harmonize your color choice with the natural environment – trees, sea, mountains – so that your roof makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, not just functional.

To Complement other properties or stand out from the rest?

In a community, we are always mindful of our neighbours and any community standards or homeowners building codes that need adhering to. The last thing you need is for your home to stand out for the wrong reasons. When expressing your personal color choice, always aim for cohesion and maintaining a visually attractive vibe in your area.

Home Aesthetics

Design and Architectural Style

Theoretically, a color might work with particular shades of exterior and siding. But your home’s façade also consists of architectural features. Do you have window or door frames you would like to compliment? Is there a roof of a smaller structure in your property such as a gazebo or outdoor kitchen that you would like to match? Do you have other smaller sections on your property such as a gazebo, pool area or patio with a deck area? Take all these aspects of your home in mind so your choice for shingle color will bring them all together.

Material of Home Exterior

The material and color of your home exterior also affect the shingle color you choose for your roof. The elements of your home’s exterior will guide your color choice especially when reroofing because it can’t be changed easily especially if you are using vinyl, stucco, or brick. logs, stucco, etc.
Here are some recommended pairings generally followed by contractors to help you choose:

• Reds – Grays, Greens, Dark Brown, Dark Greens, Black
• Wood/Wood-toned sidings – Brown, Green, Black, Gray
• Creams/Beiges – Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Black
• White – Almost any color
• Lighter Grays – Darker Gray, White, Blue, Green, Black

In rare cases, you can choose your shingle color and repaint your exterior. This is the case if your home is outfitted with wood sidings that can easily be repainted. It is surely a costly way to go but it is possible if you have the desire and budget to achieve a certain look.

Express Your Preferences

With factors mentioned above, you know how to choose the best color of shingles for your roof. Always remember that there are many colors and shingle styles available. Make use of brochures, pamphlets, and websites for your preliminary color selection to make full use of your time. Explore your options and see your shingle choice by asking for samples. Communicate your options to a reliable roofing contractor and installer. A perfectly chosen roof color is not only pleasing to the eye but also ups your home’s market value. Have a great time choosing!