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Metal Roofing Calgary: Installation and Maintenance

Traditional roofing methods are becoming obsolete. They’re not as efficient, practical, or good-looking as metal roofs.

With metal roofing Calgary, you can make even the dullest of buildings look fantastic. The unique appearance, durability, and low maintenance metal roofs offer will make your roof much better in every way.

But you need expertise, the right set of skills, and a deep focus on quality results to install this type of roof. And these aren’t easy to come by.
Luckily for you, we are precisely the roofing company you’re looking for. We can make your house or business stand out with professional metal roofing services.

Below, we explain the importance of metal roofing and how we can help you with it.

Why Install Metal Roofing?


Most people think of metal roofing as a sheet of thin metal that covers large industrial spaces. And that’s completely wrong.

Metal roofing is one of the most technologically-advanced types of roofing nowadays.

It offers a wide array of benefits over the short and long term, which traditional roofing methods don’t.

Here are some of the advantages of installing metal roofing:

Unbeatable Durability

Metal doesn’t break, rot, or come off. This adds up to the strength and weather resistance of metal with the right coating. This ensures unmatched durability in comparison to other roofing materials.

metal roof installed

Better Looks

Using the latest technology on metal cladding, we can make your roof look fantastic with the right sheets. It doesn’t matter what texture, color, or finish you need – your home or business will look unreal.​

Higher Safety

Other materials will rot, catch fire, grow mold and mildew, or simply become home for insects and other animals. But metal is naturally resistant to all of that. You will remove the danger that these conditions produce and reduce the amount of work necessary to prevent them. ​

More Efficiency

While asphalt, wood, clay, and slate shingles don’t reflect sunrays – metal does. Whether it is copper, aluminum, or steel, they offer higher sunlight reflection to increase internal energy efficiency. Your home will consume a lot less electricity once you install metal roofing.

Fantastic Warranty

Because metal lasts longer, it also has a more extended warranty. And that’s without mentioning how much you can save over time in insurance, as metal roofs will take away some of the common risks that insurance companies count.

Less Maintenance

Seems counter intuitive, but it’s true. Metal demands way less maintenance than any other type of roofing. With the strength of the available materials and the cladding’s light build, metal requires less effort to maintain and repair.

More Value for the Money

Despite being a bit more expensive than the standard shingle, metal roofing requires less maintenance, lasts a lot more, and needs fewer repairs over time. This means you get double the value for your money over the long term.

How Can We Help You?

Now that you know the benefits of metal roofing, it is time to learn why we are your best option for the job.

Note: If Your roof is made of traditional shingles and in need of repair, leak inspection, hail damaged roof and others, please visit the repairs page.

If you know little or nothing about this type of roofing method, you can be easily confused and taken advantage of. By hiring us, you can prevent all of that.
Most metal roofing companies Calgary take their job half as seriously as we do. They have half the years of service as we have. And they don’t put the effort and attention to detail we take every day to the working site.
That should give you an idea of how far we’re willing to go to deliver the metal roofing results you’re looking for. Here are some of the services we can help you with:

Residential Metal Roofing Installation

Although installing this type of roof is easy, it is still important to hire a helping hand to save you the time and effort it takes. And for that, there’s nothing like hiring a contractor company for the job.
We are YYC’s finest metal roofing company you need. With our installation services, we make that your metal roof is exactly what you need. Using the best materials for the job and premium tools to ensure a long-lasting result, you won’t have a problem with your metal roofing after we install it.
Check the types of metal roofing we do:

  • Galvanized Steel Metal Roof
  • Corrugated Steel Roof
  • Silicone-coated Steel Roof
  • Zinc Metal Roof
  • Aluminum Metal Roofing
  • Galvalume or Zincalume Metal Roof
  • Stone-Coated Steel Metal Roof
  • Tin Metal Roof
  • Copper Metal Roof
  • We can handle any kind of roof installation in residential areas. And we do it for cheaper than most contractors.

Note: For flat roofing installation services please click here.

Note: For rubber roofing installation services please click here.

Our Accomplishments

Commercial Metal Roofing Installation

Installing a metal roof on a commercial or industrial place may seem like the standard way to proceed. But it is not an easy endeavor in the slightest. That’s why hiring a commercial metal roofing service like ours can save you tons of time, effort, and even money in the long term. We make sure of providing a perfect installation so you won’t have to spend any money on maintenance or repairs later on. Our focus is to provide a metal roof installation that meets all your demands. And we do it in record time.

A few of the metal roof types we install include:

  • Aluminum Metal Roofs
  • Galvanized Steel Roofs
  • Industrial Galvanized Steel Roofing
  • Corrugated Steel Roofs
  • Copper Roofs
  • Tin Metal Roofs
  • Temporary Zinc Roofing

Metal Roofing Repair & Maintenance

Even though metal roofing is the most resilient and easy to maintain types you can install on your home or business, it still requires some maintenance. We offer the ideal metal roofing solutions to keep it working as it should. We ensure that your metal roof is doing the job as necessary while preventing some of the common issues that occur sooner or later. That’s our focus with our repair and maintenance services for metal roofs. Among the different services we offer, you can find:
  • Waterproof Coating
  • Resealing and Fastening
  • Painting and Embellishing
  • Clogged Gutter Cleaning
  • Debris and Dirt Removal
  • Hole and Breakage Repairs

If you need to take care of your metal roof, we’re here to help you out as no one else will. We’re willing to go the extra mile to provide exactly the service you need.


Why Hire Us?

As one of the few metal roofing services in the Calgary area, we take pride in delivering the best services possible to every one of our clients. Our focus is to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with everyone. We do this by:

Ready to get your residential or commercial roof to the next level? Then don’t hesitate and contact us right now. Fratello is the metal roofing Calgary company you need.

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